Hi, I'm Craig.

I used to hate photography. You know that person who runs away from cameras when they are brought to a party? That was me. I even used to refuse to use them but then as I moved into my early twenties that changed.

Towards the end of my teenage years I found myself becoming increasingly ill with an eating disorder called Anorexia. I found myself walking around the coastal paths of my home county of Cornwall for hours at a time trying to burn off calories that I hadn't even managed to take in yet. I knew it was ridiculous so I bought a camera and I tried to justify it.

As time went on it became apparent just how important photography was to me. It soothed my anxiety and fears in ways that nothing else has even come close to and to date I have self taught myself a creative style and created a portfolio of various images. I’ve worked with some incredible people, photographed some amazing bands. 

I hope that you reading this will become one of them.

If you wish to book me then please e-mail me at Craigtaylorbroadphotography@outlook.com or via the contact box below.

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